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The mission of Aribex, is to develop, manufacture, and market new technologies in the x-ray radiography fields. We aspire to become recognized in the dental, medical, veterinary, security, industrial inspection and other markets as the worldwide leader in innovative, hand-held and portable x-ray products. It is our desire to provide our customers with the highest quality, safety, and service in order to ensure utmost satisfaction.

Our History

Aribex was initially founded in response to an expressed need for truly portable dental x-ray equipment for humanitarian field-service work. Having depth and experience with portable x-ray technology, Dr. Clark Turner formed a Utah “C” Corporation in late 2003 and Aribex was born. In a short time, Dr. Turner, President and CEO, designed a truly unique cordless, battery-powered, portable / hand-held x-ray instrument to serve as the new leading-platform for portable radiographic imaging. Patent applications were filed and Aribex developed a working prototype that was assembled for testing. The introductory product, targeted for dental radiography, is the basis for a line of radiological imaging products that will also address medical, security, and industrial imaging applications.

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