An Old Technology with a New Twist

By: Ken Kaufman

Here at Aribex, we recently launched an upgraded version of our best-selling product, and we decided to call it NOMAD Pro 2. This product represents the growing and evolving relevance of handheld X-ray systems. Our product management team wrote a nice piece to describe many of the improvements made in this newly released product here: NOMAD Pro 2 – A Message from Product Management.

One major improvement was the implementation of Infrared to replace the old form of communication. As the team here at Aribex went through many discussions about how to improve the NOMAD Pro, it was clear that we needed to find a better way for the battery handset to communicate with the x-ray head and the charging cradle. I find it interesting and a little ironic that the technology that allows us to remotely change the channel on a TV tether-free quickly emerged as the best option. Infrared is an old technology, but it’s never been used quite like the NOMAD Pro 2 is using it!

“Untethered” is a hot topic, one that is no longer considered a luxury in our daily lives; we expect it. Mobile phones, tablets, and remote controls come to mind. The entire premise of the NOMAD epitomizes this expectation and expands it to intra-oral dental radiography. The NOMAD’s ability to offer a truly portable, lightweight, and untethered X-ray device, packaged with the right safety and shielding elements, represents a convergence of technologies that resulted in the invention of handheld X-ray.

The story of handheld X-ray is still unfolding with the NOMAD center stage. It will continue to grow, and you can and should expect the NOMAD, and all of the great people at Aribex who strive for greater innovation and quality, to continue to lead the way.

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This entry was posted in May 2013.