Annual Company Picnic & Chili Cook-Off

By: Alicia McCleve

There’s always a lot of work to be put into a big party/event, but I personally love to put together these gatherings. This year I had the opportunity to head the committee for our Annual Aribex Family Company Picnic. This event has always been a favorite of mine to attend in years past. You get to see your fellow co-workers in a more relaxed state and you get to meet their significant others and other family members.

As a committee, our goal was to put together an event filled with good food, laughter and fun activities that all ages could enjoy. We decided to go with a Western-themed event filled with delicious burgers, hot dogs, a Chili cook-off, and a Western-like carnival filled with fun games. It was so rewarding to see all the employees enjoying the time visiting with one another, the kids making new friends and a little friendly competition happening during the carnival.

My personal favorite part of the evening was watching our two resident magicians perform a few simple magic tricks. The kids loved their show and they were laughing hysterically throughout the entire event. Seeing the smiles and friendships shared warmed my heart and reminded me what an amazing company I have the opportunity to work for every day.

Here’s a glimpse into the lives of the Aribex FAMILY, during a beautiful evening in the canyon:


This entry was posted in September 2012.