Annual Memorial Day Bottle-Rocket Picnic

By: Kimberlee Winterton

Best work activity, Part II. EVER.

Our second annual Memorial Day Bottle Rocket Picnic of ginormous proportions did not disappoint. Thanks to another stellar management effort, we returned to a nearby park last week for another post-Memorial Day lunch break. Hosted by our GM and HR team, who heroically grilled and provided all the fixin’s for a generous barbecue — the Aribex clan divided into friendly groups for a bottle-rocket showdown that rivaled last year’s competition.

Let it not go unnoticed that we had a special cameo from THE very Mission Control Specialist, himself:



Yet again, bottle-rocket team building created a superb opportunity to get to know new hires (one new hire was just a “day old”), and mingle with peers with whom we don’t regularly get to interact from other departments.




While our picnic crew set up and cooked lunch, teams developed the “ideally” engineered bottle rocket of their choice, later filled with strategic levels of water, and launched through the Aribex super-powers-that-be (and a slight boost from an air compressor).


It was a chillier day, but the rockets seemed to wield more air than last year — that’s right, “continuous improvement” (the Kaizen way) serves as our mantra at work and at play.



Here’s a glimpse into the afternoon of last week’s continued, triumphal, bottle-rocket feats with Aribex:



Bottle rockets — a nice reprieve from the daily grind and a great outlet for everyone’s NOMAD ingenuity, wouldn’t you say? Some of these rockets gained some serious air — elevation-worthy air. A few took it like a mountain bike and totally “endoed” something like last year. Regardless, the event was a victory all around.



IMG_1070 IMG_1086

So, what keeps your office going round? Every team has sufficient creativity to keep the unity tight among professional peers. These epic bottle-rocket barbecues live on as a favorite at Aribex. Let us know what keeps your team smiling inside and out.





This entry was posted in June 2013.