Christmas Party 2012

A couple weeks ago marked an exceptionally commemorative time for Aribex. While gathered for our annual Christmas celebration, with a superb meal at the Utah Valley Convention Center, we celebrated a special honor this year of working together to see the completion of 10,000 devices, along with our exciting new acquisition by Danaher. The timing seems right. These strides will prepare us to face the new frontier of growth for both Aribex and our expansive line of NOMAD products.

Dr. Turner, our founder, who always imparts words of wisdom to us at this event each year, offered five keys to success— keys that also carried him from a childhood of modest circumstances where his mother struggled to provide for a young family, to a PhD and onto becoming CEO of Aribex:

  • Preparation: Even though his circumstances were modest, he applied himself to studying and earned good grades in school to be eligible for scholarships. Dr. Turner went on to give himself to 12 years of studying at Brigham Young University. Success in the making often takes lengthened strides of preparation.



Somebody cracking a joke while Ken presented a special tribute to Dr. T.

  • Opportunity: After talking with his dentist, Dr. Vogel, he realized the world had an unmet need for a handheld, truly mobile X-ray — the kind that could go anywhere, namely to out-of-office, humanitarian missions. He recognized that he was equipped to fill that need and could do something about it. Plenty of great opportunities and great ideas exist out there. The difference is in deciding to actually do it. Having also been a beneficiary of governmental aid, he expressed hope that our nation would continue to be a country of opportunity for the perpetuation of other great ideas and advancements in this world.


Memory book of Aribex, complete with Dr. T photoshopped onto a Star Wars hero’s body.

  • Hard Work: Even after spending all day at Aribex, he would go home, have dinner with his family, then go into his office and work three to four more hours. It was not rare for Dr. Turner to also be found working on the weekends to fulfill the vision he had for the future of the product and the company.


  • Serendipity: Sometimes we just experience plain old good luck, as he did when his dentist talked to him at that Cub Scout show just ten years ago. Again, taking that conversation and turning it into a product was critical. Many people easily say, “I could do that but..”, but “Dr. T” took it all the way. Prior to Aribex, he also worked with and researched X-rays outside the dental trade. When the timing was right for the beginnings of Aribex, his vision wasn’t too constricted or predisposed by accepted business practices within the dental industry. He knew just enough to make the NOMAD happen in a way that would prove extraordinarily competitive with traditional wall-mounts.


  • Surrounding Oneself With Good People: With gratitude for others’ contributions to the company, Dr. Turner counted surrounding oneself with good people as the most important element to success. The hiring at Aribex has been incredible and Dr. Turner attributed the growth and progress of the company to those he has worked with here. He said that, above all, his success at Aribex could not have come without them.

Surround oneself with good people.

The pre-Christmas photo photo. Just when we thought we had the perfect shot, another person would show up that we’d been missing … Like a real family!

It is a unique privilege to glean from the profound insight and experience of a successful leader that you get to rub shoulders with every day. Following Dr. Turner, Ken Kaufman, our general manager, remarked on quality of character evidenced in Dr. Turner. During the process of decision-making for the acquisition of Aribex, Ken reminded us that Dr. Turner’s prime concern, with each scenario management considered, remained the well-being of the employees. He insisted on that being the top priority, as Ken observed, and that Dr. Turner always had the interest of the employees at heart. Not only is Dr. Turner a tremendous leader, he is an wonderful person whose high-caliber integrity is spoken by his focus on the success of individuals.

The one-handed partner Christmas wrap.

As the dinner event concluded, the company joined for my favorite highlight of the night — a live chorus of The 12 Days of Christmas with everyone participating. This makes for a great work party activity to get all involved, FYI. Under each person’s chair was one of the repeated lines from the familiar carol (ie.,my line was “Five golden rings!”) So an employee in charge (great job, Stephanie!) began the audience with everyone singing, “On the first day of Christmas. …”

We have no problem entertaining ourselves. Merry Christmas!

Each time the song reached one of those repeated lines where an employee(s) had a count-down item from the carol, they were required to stand and sing their part. For example, two people had papers with “two turtle doves” and had to stand and sing it together, and five people had “five golden rings,” and so on. Aribex friends and family did NOT disappoint. Loud and proud participation from a select few certainly kept the rounds going. And, the best part? The person with “A partridge in a pear tree” got to stand and sing their line solo for all 12 rounds of the song. So, who should get it at our Aribex Christmas party? Dr. Turner, himself! Talk about serendipity. …



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