NOMAD Pro 2™ — There’s no place like home

NOMAD Pro 2 in practice

NOMAD Handheld X-ray Systems are world travelers. From Africa, to Asia, North America, South America and places in between, dental professionals know that when they are on the go, the NOMAD will provide them with quality radiographs so that they can make the most prudent diagnostic decisions even in the most remote areas.

But, as important as NOMAD is to humanitarian missions and dentists who need out-of-the-office X-rays, practices that use NOMAD know that there’s no place like home! For new or existing practices, adding a NOMAD Pro 2™ provides a new freedom for radiology workflow.

Handheld X-ray systems, including the NOMAD Pro 2, are now authorized for general dental use in Minnesota.

One important aspect of NOMAD is safety. The external backscatter shield and internal radiation shielding are specially designed to protect the operator from radiation exposure. This allows the exposure from using NOMAD Pro 2 to be less than one percent of allowed occupational doses. By following easy-to-understand instructions, office staff is able to stay in the room during the X-ray process. This eases anxiety as the assistant is able to remain with the patient instead of leaving the room. This is a great help with all of your patients, especially with children or those with special needs. It may reduce retakes — preventing accidental movement of the wall mount or drifting due to patient movements.

Dr. Joseph Hidalgo of Plano, Texas who utilizes a NOMAD instead of wall-mount X-ray units shares, “One NOMAD saved me money in construction costs vs. the cost of multiple mounted X-ray machines for a 4-opertory solution we have in our practice. Very well worth it!”

NOMAD is so portable and lightweight (at slightly more than 5 pounds) and can be shared across multiple operatories. Also, X-rays can easily be captured at any time during the treatment process, if needed.

If you’re thinking outside the box, or off the wall (mount), for X-rays, think NOMAD. On the go or in the office — no matter where you are, NOMAD wants to be part of your journey to dental success.


NOTE: Within the United States the NOMAD Dental, NOMAD Pro 2 are cleared for sale by the FDA. Individual states may have specific requirements for their use. For more information, check with your dealer or the state radiation control office.

This entry was posted in July 2017.