Pro 2: A Message from Product Management

By: Stephanie Burns

We’ve all heard the old saying, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” If there were ever a motto that did NOT apply to the Product Management team at Aribex, that would be it! We take every excellent product we create as a self-imposed challenge, a challenge to advance what we’ve built, which explains why we recently announced our release of the NOMAD Pro 2. Was and is the NOMAD Pro a quality product? Absolutely. So why Pro 2? It’s just one example of how we enact the philosophy of “kaizen,” or continuous improvement, in everything that we do.

Pro vs  Pro 2 contactsThe NOMAD Pro was powered by a battery handset system, facilitating unparalleled efficiency of use—what other x-ray system allows you to take a full-mouth series in five minutes or less? However, one of the primary comments from our customers was that the communication contacts were susceptible to deformation when sliding the handset on and off the x-ray system. So did we scrap the entire handset design? Of course not. Instead, we replaced the raised contacts with infrared covers running co-planar to the surface of the X-ray head and charging cradle, eliminating the possibility of damage while loading and unloading the handset. Did the Pro communication system work well? Certainly. Does the Pro 2 infrared system offer increased reliability? No question.

Pro vs  Pro 2 charging cradle (2)Another improvement we made was to our charging cradle. While the Pro system displayed several color combinations to help customers troubleshoot, we realized that we were sacrificing simplicity to complexity. We replaced the Pro LED bank with a three columned power indicator—one green column means a handset battery is one-third charged, two green means two-thirds, and three green means fully charged. All red? Give us a call. And that’s it. We placed our priority on creating an intuitive user experience that complemented the ease of use of our device as a whole

Ultimately, the answer to the question of “Why Pro 2?” is all about our customers. We know how satisfied folks have been with the Pro, and we want to create an opportunity for even greater satisfaction with the Pro 2. We want to present an ever-improving product to an ever-changing market and world. You might say that our motto is, “If it ain’t broke, make it even better.”



This entry was posted in May 2013.