The Aribex Family and a Little Bit of Hula

On Monday night, we had a little company picnic with our families to show off our Hawaiian shirts and hula hoop skills. Sevell’s daughter (he’s one of our R&D engineers) was amazing and won the children’s hula hoop contest. Then Dawn’s teenage daughter (Dawn is our customer support supervisor) put all the adults to shame by being able to hula hoop for more than 30 seconds!

Erica, our lovely HR manager, made a creative fishing game with a beach ball and fish cut outs that the children loved, and we all had a blast eating Hawaiian haystacks and snow cones. It was a pretty fun event!

To top it off, Scott, one of our project managers, took some beautiful photos to help us share the moment. Enjoy!

_DSC4637 _DSC1454 _DSC4689 _DSC4725


_DSC4691 _DSC4677 _DSC4644 _DSC4642 _DSC4634 _DSC1453

This entry was posted in September 2013.