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Petition to the New York Radiation Department

ATTN: Dr. Geoffrey Korir
Director, Bureau of Environmental Sciences and Engineering
42-09 28th Street, 14th Floor CN#56
Long Island City, NY 11101

Dear Dr. Korir,

We are asking for your action in allowing use of the NOMAD Pro 2 in the city of New York without the requirements of dosimetry or lead vests. We find that the device benefits our patients by enabling safe intraoral imaging with shorter patient chair time. We have signed this letter after meeting with the manufacturer of the NOMAD Pro 2, using the device at a charity event or in other product demonstrations, and reviewing the data and literature available about the NOMAD Pro 2. We believe the NOMAD Pro 2 will be an asset to our office and help us deliver safe and efficient dental care to our patients in the city of New York.

The NOMAD Pro 2 and its predecessor (NOMAD Pro) have over seven years of use throughout the United States. The NOMAD Pro series has undergone rigorous evaluation by the US Food and Drug Administration, culminating in 510K clearance, and has been shown to be safe and effective. Peer reviewed journal publications have established low exposure rates, and with more than 15,000 NOMAD devices in use worldwide, post-market experience has included no adverse events related to radiation exposure for the operator, patient or others. (Goren et al. 2008) (Hemsen, Jaeger, and Jaeger 2008). One study has indicated that the NOMAD is safer than wall-mounted units (Gray, Bailey, and Ludlow 2011).

The NOMAD Pro 2 has integrated safety measures including redundant labeling, training, and proprietary shielding which ensures safe and effective use. The NOMAD architecture is conducive to its safe use without personal protective equipment. The multiple safety measures and the design architecture have been evaluated many times independently, resulting in 26 states (including Pennsylvania, Georgia, Texas, and California) already allowing the use of the NOMAD Pro 2 without restriction or the use of personal protective equipment.

Considering the research and safety design features, we urge you to allow use of the NOMAD Pro 2 in New York City without the requirements of dosimetry or lead vests. We believe use of the NOMAD Pro 2 allows patients access to a safe and effective product that generates high quality images with shorter patient chair time. We appreciate your time and your consideration of our interest in adding the NOMAD Pro 2 into our dental practice.

Thank you,


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