From Bolivia

In July of 2010, a twenty-one member team sponsored by the Los Angeles Central Korean SDA Church traveled to Samaipata, Bolivia, to provide medical and dental care for the underserved people.

Announcements were made before our arrival and each day we were met with extensive lines of patients. People had traveled long distances by foot and waited in the cold for hours to be seen by the dentists and physicians.

We worked ten-hour days and were overwhelmed by the number of patients needing treatment. Unfortunately, we had to turn some patients away because we did not have the time to treat everyone. Even though many patients had multiple dental needs we were unable to give comprehensive treatment to each patient and often had to focus on the key painful areas.

The NOMAD was an invaluable diagnostic tool we needed to help us make quick treatment decisions. We didn’t have to wonder how deep a cavity was and guess whether or not it needed endodontic treatment. The high-quality images allowed us to see the extent of tooth decay and give more accurate dental treatment within the means of our makeshift dental clinic. Instead of blindly extracting teeth, we had periapical radiographs to see the roots. We could not have performed difficult surgical extractions without the radiographic images. The NOMAD was an amazing and necessary tool to have with us as we provided care to the people of Bolivia.

Thank you, Aribex!

Maile Kim, D.D.S.

Kailua, HI

Volunteer dentists use the NOMAD on young patients while many more wait in line.