From Honduras

Here is a member of the Green Team from Washington Overseas Mission using our NOMAD. With our NOMAD we were able to determine which teeth were non-restorable under the circumstances in which we were working. The images saved us the time needed to open and excavate the caries. We also treated an 18 year old girl with a mass on the right side of her mandible. The NOMAD image allowed us to rule out infection as the cause and prevented us from opening into a potentially dangerous mass. The young lady was referred to a surgeon in Honduras for excision, biopsy, definitive diagnosis and hopefully reconstructive surgery.

How wonderful it was to do extractions with radiographic images. We used our NOMAD to take between 20 and 30 images per day. We used NOMAD to verify both root tip location and complete root tip extraction.

Joseph S Grimaud, DDS

A Honduran man gets his first x-ray from a volunteer using a NOMAD.