Hogle Zoo’s Newest Addition: The NOMAD

Martin Hillman (far left) and Scott Hadden (far right) present the donated NOMAD to the Hogle Zoo hospital staff. Senior Veterinarian, Dr. Nancy Carpenter, holds the NOMAD.

Yesterday, NOMAD product managers, Scott Hadden and Martin Hillman, proudly presented Salt Lake City’s Hogle Zoo with their brand new NOMAD Pro Vet Handheld X-ray that was donated by Aribex. The NOMAD will be used to help provide better diagnostic care to all the animals at the zoo, ranging from dental work on larger animals (like the root canal they recently did on a gorilla), to whole body imaging on small birds and reptiles.

Previously, the zoo was using a 35lb portable X-ray for their residence’s needs, so they are quite excited to start carrying the 5.5lb NOMAD directly to the animals themselves. The NOMAD will integrate well with their existing digital sensor and laptop, allowing them to get instant images wherever they may be in the park, to best serve the animals they care for.

To learn more about the Hogle Zoo visit http://www.hoglezoo.org


Scott Hadden demonstrates the NOMAD’s interface