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Truthfully, words cannot describe the experience that we had serving the people of Haiti that suffered from the earthquake in January 2010. As the entire world has seen from the media coverage in Port Au Prince, the need in the entire country of Haiti is great. It is wonderful to be able to serve a need with a skill that we have learned in dental school.

Every year, a few third and fourth year students along with a few faculty members travel to a small city of Jeremie, approximately 100 miles west of Port Au Prince. We spend a week traveling to nearby villages performing dental extractions and other oral surgical procedures to relieve pain and infection. The trip this year was nearly compromised due to the 7.0 earthquake that hit the country’s capital.

The previous year we were given the opportunity to take a NOMAD x-ray unit with us. We initially did not expect how amazing the portability and diagnostic capabilities that it provided would be ideal for our trip. We felt that it was truly a necessity this year and we were so grateful to have the NOMAD with us.

The conditions in which we are working are very primitive. The villages are located at least 2 hour rides by 4×4 vehicles from the city of Jeremie. The group uses portable dental chairs and instruments brought with us from the US.

The NOMAD was extremely helpful to give us further pertinent information regarding the treatment of each patient. We used a portable x-ray viewer device this year which worked hand in hand with the NOMAD. The portable x-ray devices were perfect for the circumstances we were in. We will not be able to work without them for our future trips. Temple University Kornberg School of Dentistry Class of 2010 will be purchasing a NOMAD for the clinic as our senior class project. The innovation of the NOMAD will greatly benefit the people of Haiti and we whole heartedly thank Aribex for allowing us to bring that to them.

Cory Johnston

Temple University School of Dentistry

Haiti Club Secretary