NOMAD – User Experiences an unsolicited testimonial, Dr. Marvin Pantangco of Escondido, CA, talks about the convenience and the quality of the NOMAD handheld x-ray system. Click the picture at right to see the video.

“Having completed over 1,000 dental operations in a hospital for patients under general anesthesia, and countless evaluations in hospitals, homes, nursing homes, institutions for the mentally challenged, and outdoors, I have come to appreciate the usefulness and versatility of the NOMAD hand-held dental x-ray units. I have been a user and a fan of the NOMAD and NOMAD Pro hand-held x-ray unit for many years, and incorporate it into the teaching module of my hands-on participation courses on Sedation Dentistry, Portable Dentistry and Hospital Dentistry. I usually use it in conjunction with the Ergonom-X self developing films, and have been able to provide valuable services otherwise unavailable to both dentists and patients. The Aribex NOMAD hand-held units are an integral part of my dental practice and my participation courses.”

Harvey Levy, DMD, MAGD

“It’s called the NOMAD, because it can go just about anywhere. I don’t have to worry about the limitations of having a machine that’s tied to the wall. I can place myself and the film and the patient much more easily because I can walk around with the machine.”

Robert P. Langlais DDS, MS
University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio

I really like having the NOMAD unit in the office. The staff finds it easier to be able to take an x-ray in any treatment room, they enjoy the portability. The state examiner was convinced before testing that it would scatter radiation. His findings were in fact the opposite; that it was very consistent and produced slightly less radiation than our traditional wall mounted units. We love it!

Charles R. Fields DMD
Diplomate of the American Board of Periodontology

“NOMAD has been a wonderful addition to my office. My assistants praise the NOMAD for its simplicity. Further, they say that it is quicker to maneuver and easier to aim than a wall-mounted x-ray unit. the picture quality is as nice as my standard wall-mount. With the NOMAD and digital software, I can expose a radiograph from any room. The NOMAD pays for itself because it has reduced chair time required for radiographs. I only need one or two per office, and it can also be transported to my satellite office.”

Sam J. Nechamkin DDS, MS
Diplomate of the American Board of Periodontology

“Conversion to NOMAD use would seem to be ideal for a D.D.S. doing new construction or updating his or her office. The replacement of wall units with the NOMAD has cosmetic and economic value. I wanted to test this unit prior to moving into my new location to determine whether this ‘new technology’ would be beneficial to our new practice. My assistants and hygienists have been utilizing this unit over the past few months. We will continue to utilize this system, and we plan to purchase more units in the near future.”

Edward Lutz, DDS (in a review by

“I have the NOMAD in my private practice. The staff will now routinely leave the conventional x-ray heads in the cabinet and pick up the NOMAD for bitewings, emergency examinations, and endodontic treatment. For hospital and nursing home visits, the laptop, digital sensor, and the NOMAD become a full contained and portable unit for dental x-rays. What a great way to expand access to those patients unable to come into the office for treatment!”

Bryan Chrz, DDS
Diplomate of the American Board of Forensic Odontology

“The UCLA School of Dentistry has been using the NOMAD since mid 2005. The quality of the images produced is excellent, and we find the density, contrast, and resolution similar to that of wall-mounted X-ray units. The NOMAD gives us the flexibility to go from room to room. When we treat patients in the hospital, we can easily bring the NOMAD to the patient and get information at bedside. Since we work out a large number of operatories, it was much more cost efficient to use one NOMAD rather than install a wall-mount in each room. Our staff quickly adapted to using the portable system, and we are very satisfied with the images it produces.”

David Altman, DDS
Eric Sung, DDS

UCLA School of Dentistry

“Working in six operatories with one NOMAD handheld x-ray and two conventional x-ray units has made taking intraoral radiographs less time consuming and more productive. The NOMAD enables me to take radiographs more quickly and accurately during endo procedures. In just a short period of time the NOMAD has become the x-ray unit of choice for us.”

Dr. Nicholas DiMauro
Middleton, MA

“The NOMAD is utilized by my entire staff! After just a few short weeks taking a full MX series along with PA’s was no problem whatsoever. I just wish Aribex would come up with a little bell to let me keep track of who is using it throughout the office.”

Dr. Alphonse Mack
Bloomfield, CT

“Simple, cost effective, and efficient is all I can say about the NOMAD x-ray in our office!”

Dr. Robert A. Ritucci
Plymouth, MA

“With my associates Dr. Elias and Dr. Bowen, we built a beautiful new ten operatory office. Dr. Bowen and I wanted to purchase three NOMADs with no wall-mounted units, but one of the hygienists insisted that we have at least two. She finally convinced us, so we built two pass-throughs and bought a couple of wall mounts at a total cost of about $14,000. Now the hygienists actually prefer the NOMAD for its convenience and ease of use.”

Dr. Kirk Opdahl
Center for Dental Excellence
Independence, MO

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