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What is the NOMAD Care Plan?

NOMAD Care Plan (NCP) offers the most extensive coverage of any intra-oral X-ray service plan in the market today. Besides covering all repairs, NOMAD will overnight you a loaner in the event that your device needs repair, free of charge, until your repaired unit is back in your hands. NOMAD Care Plan — no canceled appointments and ready for immediate use the moment you open the box.

*The NOMAD Care Plan is only available in the US and Puerto Rico

Complete Service Coverage*

When you purchase NOMAD Care Plan, here is some of the coverage you’ll enjoy:

  • Battery and Charging Cradle Replacement/Repair
  • Drop Damage
  • Cracked Casing
  • Broken Display
  • Bent or Broken Contacts
  • All Repair Parts and Labor
  • Annual System Checkup with Certificates
  • Auto Renewal System


No-Charge Rental Equipment

If you ever need to send in your device for repair, NOMAD Care Plan will make sure you have as little down time and inconvenience as possible.

Before you even send in your NOMAD for repair, Aribex will overnight you a free rental device at no cost, so you’ll hardly notice your own NOMAD is missing.

Can you believe the
first year is FREE?

Starting January 1, 2015, all NOMAD devices come with a free year of the NCP if you register your device with in 30 days of purchase. To qualify, the device must have been purchased on or after January 1, 2015.

Register for your 1st year NOMAD Care Plan

For questions, please call 866.340.5522 option 3 to speak with a NOMAD Care Plan Specialist today.