Forensics X-Ray Device Applications

Forensic X-ray

With the increasing number of natural and man-made disasters around the world, the need for safe, portable dental radiography equipment for disaster victim identification (DVI) and forensics X-ray applications has never been greater. The NOMAD eXaminer™ and NOMAD Pro 2™ are valuable forensics X-ray tools that have been hailed as an extraordinary advancement for crime scene and mortuary examination and have become the systems of choice among forensic odontology teams worldwide. In many cases, NOMAD eXaminer and NOMAD Pro 2 forensics X-ray units have been specifically requested by forensic specialists who had experience with the forensics X-ray devices and appreciated the importance of the units to their work. In fact, several forensic odontologists have purchased NOMAD forensics X-ray systems for their private practices or in preparation for their next DVI duty.

Forensic experts were first introduced to the NOMAD forensics X-ray unit at Sites 1 and 2 in Thailand following the 2004 Asian Tsunami. The NOMAD eXaminer was found to be indispensable in dealing with the massive human identification effort in that country. The NOMAD forensics X-ray device has also been used in several high-profile archaeological digs and in forensic attempts to identify bodies thought to be those of the Sundance Kid and Canada’s “Mad Trapper”.

In addition, the NOMAD forensics X-ray unit was showcased during the BAHID/NFI (Veldhoven, Netherlands), AAFS/ASFO (Seattle, USA), and ANZFSS (Fremantle, Australia) conferences. In 2005, the NOMAD eXaminer was the only portable forensics x-ray used by the forensic odontologists of DMORT (USA) at the Hurricane Katrina sites, and has been adopted in large numbers for deployment by Kenyon International. In 2008, the NOMAD forensics X-ray device was used by Hans-Peter Kirsch of the Reserve Major Medical Corps, German Academy of Forensic Odontostomatology, to identify 15 victims of a plane crash at the Lukla airport in Nepal.

NOMAD eXaminer and NOMAD Pro 2 forensics X-ray unit advocates worldwide are working hard to build awareness of these devices within the global DVI and forensic communities because of their unique benefits for these applications. Lightweight and easy to transport and use, the rechargeable NOMAD family of X-ray devices were engineered for operator safety and are the only FDA-cleared, UL or ETL certified, and CE-marked handheld dental forensics X-ray for local or global DVI operations.

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