Aribex has gone to great lengths to assure that its products are safe for both the operator and the patient. More than 30 independent studies and evaluations attest to the safety of the Aribex NOMAD handheld X-ray system.

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Read the articles below to learn what the media has said about NOMAD safety:

Study Warns Against Using Unsafe Handheld X-ray Devices

Posted on November 17, 2014

Read this article as a PDF here. 11/12/2014 By: Rabia Mughal, Contributing Editor “We felt that the best way to inform dentists of the danger associated with these machines was to compare their performance with that of the FDA-cleared Nomad,” Handheld …

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Study Reaffirms Safety of Handheld X-ray System

Posted on January 8, 2012

By Kathy Kincade, Editor in Chief in Dr. Bicuspid

Dental care providers and their patients need not worry about radiation exposure when using the Nomad handheld intraoral xray device, according to a new study in Health Physics.

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Run and Hide No More

Posted on April 1, 2011

By Larry Emmott, DDS in RDH Magazine

Has this ever happened to you? You carefully place a film, ask the patient to bite, the patient winces and wiggles, you position the cone, reposition when it starts to drift, run from the room, push the button, wait for the beep, run back, take the film when the patient hands it to you, and the cone seems to have drifted again but you can’t be sure.

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NOMAD Handheld X-ray Verified Safe for User, Study Shows

Posted on June 9, 2009

A study presented at the 41st Annual Conference on Radiation Control concluded that the NOMAD handheld dental x-ray system produces staff radiation exposure doses so low that the vast majority of users received no measurable radiation dose.

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