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“I ♥ NOMAD” — Crawford Dental Group, Orem, UT  

“Four operatories. One NOMAD.

That’s all we need for intra-oral imaging.”

“When I built my office I had to decide whether to use wall mounted X-ray machines or go with the NOMAD Pro hand held X-ray. Now that we are using the NOMAD Pro on a daily basis, I am very glad that I chose to use it. One NOMAD Pro saved me money in construction costs vs. the cost of multiple wall mounted x-ray machines for a 4-operatory solution we have in our practice. Very well worth it!”

Joseph Hidalgo, DDS, Plano, TX

“The NOMAD has been a fantastic product for our company. These innovative devices are extremely user friendly, cut down the amount of time to take X-ray images, are amazingly durable, and have proven to be much more reliable than other X-ray devices we have tried.

At this point we have over 30 NOMADs in operation and each of them are used extensively throughout the year. The customer support has been outstanding and Aribex fully stands behind their warranty. Regardless of the clinic setting, I have no reservation recommending the NOMAD to any potential buyers.”

D. Shane Stevens, CEO
Dental Health Management Solutions
Cedar Park, Texas

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NOMAD TESTIMONIALS an unsolicited testimonial, Dr. Marvin Pantangco of Escondido, CA, talks about the convenience and the quality of the NOMAD handheld X-ray system. Click the picture at right to see the video.

“Having completed over 1,000 dental operations in a hospital for patients under general anesthesia, and countless evaluations in hospitals, homes, nursing homes, institutions for the mentally challenged, and outdoors, I have come to appreciate the usefulness and versatility of the NOMAD hand-held dental X-ray units. I have been a user and a fan of the NOMAD and NOMAD Pro hand-held X-ray unit for many years, and incorporate it into the teaching module of my hands-on participation courses on Sedation Dentistry, Portable Dentistry and Hospital Dentistry. I usually use it in conjunction with the Ergonom-X self developing films, and have been able to provide valuable services otherwise unavailable to both dentists and patients. The Aribex NOMAD hand-held units are an integral part of my dental practice and my participation courses.”

Harvey Levy, DMD, MAGD

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“I love it! We have enjoyed using the NOMAD examiner in our dental and general practice for over a year. Others use it as a secondary back up unit but our technicians now prefer it over the ceiling and wall mounted units. When we are working on several cases they will wait until the NOMAD is available rather then using the attached units. It works wonderfully with our EVA, Schick, Kodak, and Scan X digital sensors.”

Jan Bellows DVM, Dipl AVDC, ABVP
All Pets Dental
Weston, Florida

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“[I was grateful] for the NOMAD X-ray during my expedition north of the Arctic Circle in Canada’s Northwest Territories. The case that I was working on in the Mackenzie Delta (68°18′ North latitude) was successful in large part due to having this equipment available. Recovery of suitable samples for forensic DNA analysis from the buried human remains was completed after I was able to produce digital radiographs. This was only possible in such a remote location because of the portability and convenience of use of the NOMAD.

What an exceptional piece of equipment.

Dr. David Sweet, O.C.
Professor and Director
The University of Britsh Columbia Dentistry

(Dr. Sweet refers to a forensic investigation featured in the documentary Hunt for the Mad Trapper on the Canadian version of the Discovery Channel, produced by Myth Merchant Films.)

“The NOMAD eXaminer is one of the greatest contributions to forensic dentistry in recent years. Now we can bring the X-ray unit to the subject instead of the subject to the X-ray. We are no longer dependent on expensive stationary machinery that require power sources that may be unavailable in the field or in the event of power failure. Furthermore, it is not necessary to purchase a unit in every room because of the great portability of the NOMAD eXaminer. All of [our] participants were unanimous in their praise for the efficiency of the unit and the clarity of the radiographs.”

Richard R. Souviron DDS
William E. Silver DDS
Miami-Dade Medical Examiner Department

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