NOMAD eXaminer™ – Speed and Convenience for your Vet Practice

The NOMAD eXaminer handheld x-ray device provides high quality X-rays and easier-to-get dental angles. Without cords, tables or rolling stands, the battery-operated handheld NOMAD gives you the ability to take the X-ray to the patient, not the patient to the X-ray.

Save Time

No more waiting for the X-ray room to become available. Now you can take X-rays where the patient is located because every table in your practice is an now X-ray exam table.

The NOMAD eXaminer handheld X-ray requires no installation to accommodate and works right out of the box. Just charge the battery, point and shoot!

Save Space

This small and compact handheld unit does not require wall mounting, a rolling tripod, special room or remodeling.Save Space


The NOMAD eXaminer weighs only eight pounds and is very user-friendly.

Improve Medical Care

The high-quality radiographic images produced by the NOMAD eXaminer will help you reach faster diagnostic times, allowing you to treat more patients more accurately and faster. The NOMAD is compatible with all film and digital X-ray viewing types.


Reduce procedural times and patient discomfort while maintaining a sterile environment with this incredibly convenient handheld and wireless X-ray device. The portability and simple point and shoot design reaches all angles without having to move heavy and sedated patients.


The NOMAD eXaminer is optimal for intraoral X-ray images. It easily positions for hard-to-get tough periapical angles.

Equine/Large Animal

The NOMAD eXaminer is convenient for large animal dental x-rays taken out in the field or in the barn. The NOMAD eXaminer is 100 percent battery-powered and does not require an electrical outlet.


The 60kV DC X-ray generator provides constant radiation output, resulting in faster X-rays, and lower patient radiation doses. NOMAD eXaminer radiation exposure is well below the allowed occupational dose under normal operation. For more on NOMAD safety, click here.

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