NOMAD eXaminer™ – User Experiences

“[I was grateful] for the NOMAD X-ray during my expedition north of the Arctic Circle in Canada’s Northwest Territories. The case that I was working on in the Mackenzie Delta (68°18′ North latitude) was successful in large part due to having this equipment available. Recovery of suitable samples for forensic DNA analysis from the buried human remains was completed after I was able to produce digital radiographs. This was only possible in such a remote location because of the portability and convenience of use of the NOMAD.

What an exceptional piece of equipment.

Dr. David Sweet, O.C.
Professor and Director
The University of Britsh Columbia Dentistry

(Dr. Sweet refers to a forensic investigation featured in the documentary Hunt for the Mad Trapper on the Canadian version of the Discovery Channel, produced by Myth Merchant Films.)

“The NOMAD eXaminer is one of the greatest contributions to forensic dentistry in recent years. Now we can bring the x-ray unit to the subject instead of the subject to the X-ray. We are no longer dependent on expensive stationary machinery that require power sources that may be unavailable in the field or in the event of power failure. Furthermore, it is not necessary to purchase a unit in every room because of the great portability of the NOMAD eXaminer. All of [our] participants were unanimous in their praise for the efficiency of the unit and the clarity of the radiographs.”

Richard R. Souviron DDS
William E. Silver DDS
Miami-Dade Medical Examiner Department

“The Swedish DVI tem was on of the first to use the NOMAD eXaminer in the Thai Tsunami disaster. We had had a lot of trouble with the equipment we had brought with us. Between old fashioned x-ray machines on tripods and unreliable electricity supplies at the makeshift morgue, we had problems keeping up. Once the NOMAD eXaminer arrived, it revolutionized our ability to take x-rays quickly and effortlessly. The NOMAD eXaminer is the best thing to happen to forensic odontology since x-rays were discovered by Roentgen!”

Irena Dawidson DDS, PhD
Chief Forensic Odonotologist Swedish Identification Commission

“I was Dental Identification Section Chief on two DMORT rotations after Hurricane Katrina. As an instructor in Dental Radiology, I was particularly interested in how the NOMAD eXaminer would function in an actual deployment. Everyone on our team felt that the NOMAD eXaminer performed brilliantly. I found it to be durable, easy to manipulate, and able to produce ideal x-ray images beyond that of a traditional arm-mounted tubehead. I personally feel that the NOMAD eXaminer is the state-of-the-art system for imaginable morgue operation or multiple fatality incident in the future.”

Dr. Dick Weems
Dental Section Leader

“After Hurricane Katrina, much of my time was spent using the NOMAD eXaminer. As it is portable, it enabled me to take films at less than ideal angles. We were using digital x-rays, and the images were excellent. Scatter radiation was tested by wearing one film per 12-hour shift with a coin taped to it. No scatter radiation was detected. The longevity of the battery was amazing – it would last for twelve hours of continuous use at 60 images per hour. I have only positive remarks for the NOMAD eXaminer and would highly recommend using it in private practice as well”

Anne Birnbaum DDS

David Senn, D.D.S., clinical assistant professor of dental diagnostic science at the Health Science Center, used the Nomad as part of the Region VI Disaster Mortuary Operational Response Team (DMORT) that set up a disaster morgue in St. Gabriel, La., following the Hurricane Katrina disaster in August.

“We used three NOMAD units and they performed flawlessly and allowed efficient and rapid forensic analysis. The operation in Louisiana was much more complex than the World Trade Center disaster from a postmortem examination perspective. In the first few weeks, we examined more victims per day in Louisiana than we ever did in one day in New York. The combination of NOMADs and digital radiography reduced the examination time in St. Gabriel by as much as 50 percent.”

David Senn, DDS

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