Handheld X-ray Support

Aribex offers handheld X-ray support via phone Monday through Friday, from 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., Eastern Standard Time. To reach an Aribex customer service representative, please call +1-866-340-5522.

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Product Training

To ensure proper product usage, Aribex offers the following training video (click image):

Aribex also includes an Operator Manual with each shipped X-ray system.

Additionally, an Operator Training presentation and test is included with each NOMAD, NOMAD Pro and NOMAD Pro 2 handheld X-ray system. If you have lost your manual or Operator Training CD, please contact us for a replacement, or you may download them below.


NOMAD User/Operator Manuals:

NOMAD Pro 2 Operator Manual NOMAD Pro 2 Getting Started Guide
NOMAD Pro 2 Veterinary Operator Manual NOMAD Pro 2 Veterinary Getting Started Guide
NOMAD Pro Operator Manual NOMAD Pro “Getting Started” Guide
NOMAD Pro Veterinary Operator Manual NOMAD Pro Veterinary “Getting Started” Guide
NOMAD Dental User Manual NOMAD Dental “Getting Started” Guide
NOMAD eXaminer User Manual NOMAD eXaminer “Getting Started” Guide
NOMAD vs. Conventional Wall-Mount X-ray Comparison flier News and User Report – Important Battery Handle Care Information.

NOMAD Dental Technique Factor Charts:

NOMAD Dental Technique Chart NOMAD Pro Dental Technique Chart

NOMAD Veterinary Technique Factor Chart:

NOMAD Veterinary Technique Chart

Promote Your Dental Practice with the NOMAD:

Looking for more patients? Click here for a sample press release to promote your dental practice (Microsoft Word .doc file.).

Contact Aribex for mobile X-ray support and to learn more about how NOMAD™ handheld X-ray systems can advance your level of patient care.