About NOMAD 10K

“Where in the World is NOMAD 10K?” is a following of the life and adventures of the 10,000th NOMAD device, hand-delivered and donated to Christian Medical & Dental Associations (CMDA) of Bristol, Tennessee on August 29th, 2012.

Dr. Jeff Amstutz, vice president for Dental Ministries and the Peter E. Dawson chair of dentistry

CMDA uses the NOMAD as a diagnostic tool for dentists and dental students as part of its Global Health Outreach program. CMDA schedules 45 trips to 25 countries each year. In addition, CMDA helps train dentists in emerging nations, lectures at international dental schools and is developing a ministry for disaster relief.

NOMAD 10K will explore the world over, while making a difference in the lives of thousands by offering individuals access to the health care they desperately seek and may not otherwise obtain. Statistics, photos, videos, and other interesting facts about the work and life of NOMAD 10K with CMDA may be found by returning to this “Where in the World is NOMAD10K?” chapter of our website.