NOMAD 10K’s First Mission: Asia

Dr. Samuel Molind, DMD, headed a Global Health Outreach team to a closed country in Asia. He describes the impact of this team’s humanitarian efforts below:

NOMAD 10K’s first humanitarian mission to a closed country in Asia, thanks to a spectacular CMDA team, reaching 1,077 patients and performing 27 surgeries.

“Our recent mission to a closed country in Asia gave us a real indication of the oppression of the local people on a daily basis.  Our combined medical and dental team saw 1,077 patients and the Maxillofacial (Dental Surgery) performed 27 surgeries on cysts (dentigerous cysts, ranulas and odontogenic keratocysts) tumors, (ameloblastomas, pleomorphic adenomas) and trauma cases.

“Even in the midst of a modern ‘state-of-the-art’ facility the NOMAD was a great asset in being able to take the X-ray to the patient, and in helping diagnose cases on the ward and in the emergency room. There is no question that the digital radiography capability offered by the NOMAD is absolutely awesome in every way. Excellent results were achieved and the local doctors were amazed at the capabilities of the NOMAD and had never seen such a thing before.

“With the letters and documentation of ownership we had little problem shipping the NOMAD. The trunk carried it exceptionally well and performed flawlessly.

“The NOMAD will add a tremendous amount to our capabilities on the field and even in this unusual situation where there was advanced diagnostic equipment available,  it was a tremendous blessing to the patients and the surgeon as well, particularly in off hours with the capability of taking the X-ray to the patient.  The NOMAD Pro handheld X-ray system is better than advertised and a wonderful blessing on the mission field no matter what the conditions.”

–Samuel Molind, DMD