Recap of Live Donation to CMDA

By: Ken Kaufman

From the event where we donated the 10,000th NOMAD handheld x-ray system to the CMDA exactly one week ago to a Skype interview this morning with RDH magazine about our 10,000th device, the last week has been a whirlwind of activity and celebration.

Here is this morning’s Skype interview with Mark Hartley, editor of RDH Magazine:

However, this last week is actually far less significant than the last several years of hard work and dedication from our employees and suppliers. And, of course, we certainly wouldn’t have reached this amazing milestone without the ongoing support of our customers. In recognition of everyone who has contributed to making the NOMAD a success, here is a quick summary of donation event last week.

Tennessee is beautiful. The rolling hills and never-ending expanse of beautiful trees and green grass we experienced as we drove to Bristol reminded me why my wife and I loved living in the south. CMDA is a complex organization with over 16,000 members in the United States and thousands more in other countries throughout the world.

The CMDA has an impressive facility in Bristol, TN, only to be outmatched by their even more amazing, professional, and hospitable staff. The entire event went even better than I expected.

Press conference for donation of 10,000th NOMAD by Aribex, Inc. to CMDA.

The 10,000th NOMAD donation commemoration and press conference.

Here is a blurb from an email I sent back to the CMDA’s director of communications that expresses some of my ‘take-aways’ (and will give you a sense of my perspective on our interactions with the CMDA): “Margie, it was an absolute pleasure to get to meet you and experience the CMDA at your beautiful location! As a follow-up to our visit, I would like to express two things to you and the rest of your organization. First, every single person in your offices and your facilities are impressive. I commend you and the other CMDA leaders for their vision, work, and commitment to doing the right things the right way. Second, I left the event convinced that we found the absolute best organization to whom we could donate our 10,000th device. It will be put to use in so many amazing ways which will honor our company and what we are trying to accomplish.” I meant every word of that.

CMDA facilities — press conference for official donation of 10,000th NOMAD.

Spectators look on as 10,000th NOMAD donation announcement is made. Ken Kaufman, president and CFO of Aribex, telling audience about the donation of the 10,000th NOMAD and innovation behind the NOMAD product.

The event was surprisingly well-attended with more than a dozen local dentists in attendance and some medical doctors as well. Several members of the local media were present, and we anticipate written news stories along with some video hitting the local news stations as well.

Local news crews at press conference.

After the formal presentation of the device and the news conference (Mike, Tom, and I  spoke along with officials from CMDA, followed-up by some questions from the media), one of the leaders of CMDA challenged the two local chapter Presidents to reach out to their constituents and see if they could raise enough money to buy a sensor and software to be bundled with our 10,000th NOMAD on all of its missions with the CMDA’s Global Health Outreach (GHO) group. Before everyone left the lunch one of the local dentists offered to fund the entire cost. While I think seeing our donation was part of the inspiration, he clearly was motivated to make a difference! So, our NOMAD will have a companion digital sensor very soon, making it even more effective in all of its charitable work.

I am looking forward to an update every quarter on this blog about where the 10,000th NOMAD has been and all the good it has done. A special thanks to everyone who has made all of this possible. Here’s to getting to 20,000 much faster!